Vicki Sander Fashion Accessories
Post Office Box 177
New York, NY 10159

I lovingly hand picked each piece of wearable art on this site. I especially bonded with the creatures in our animal kingdom - they represent a blend of the brilliance of nature's organic beauty melded with man's audacious ego. In this tumultuous time when our fellow carbon based life forms are struggling to survive the environmental changes imposed by mankind, these creations assert their natural forms in artistic abandon. They inspire and decorate our world.

All products are lead and nickel compliant. Most products made with Swarovski Crystals or Cubic Zirconia and are listed as such.

Revolutionary "FREE SIZE" rings fit any finger. They are made with metal or plastic covered elastic stretch bands. IMPORTANT: Be sure to remove rings when washing hands. DO NOT GET THESE RINGS WET or in contact with hand cream, or the bands will change color.

For me, these pieces make a definitive statement, "We we radiate bling. We are fierce. We live in a world of beauty"

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Be beautiful. Have fun. Create a shower of sparkle. Wear your love. Light up your world.